To the world, Zirtual is a service-based company which exists to improve the lives of clients. We’re here to help our clients live “the good life” day in and day out.

But simultaneously there’s an internal engine that runs with a different mission (read: different, yet aligned). Its wheels spin solely for our people: our trainees, our ZAs, our executive team. Its main function is to promote a culture of learning, caring and growth and to help each other live the good life.

If you’ve experienced the good life, you know that part of its value lies in having help when life is, in fact, not so good. When a client’s child is sick, her ZA makes doctors appointments and coordinates with colleagues while she’s away. And when a ZA encounters a hardship? You bet it’s the same. When times are tough for a member of Zirtual the team pulls together to lend a hand (er, 150 sets of hands, these days)!

Last week, the Zirtual team came together in an extraordinary way for one of our members, Anne. Anne’s grandmother suffered a stroke and her family was struggling to find means to cover for her care. Anne was forced to take time away from work to help out.

Aware of her struggles, we decided to tap into our large and caring network. We used a friend’s platform, GiveForward, to host a fundraising campaign. We set a $500 goal with a four-day timeframe.

What resulted was more wonderful than we even imagined. We watched as contributions from team members helped to reach our target in just two hours. When Anne returned from the hospital to the news of the fundraiser we’d already far surpassed the $500 goal.

“Community support: this is something I wasn’t really expecting to happen in my life. When my grandmother was hospitalized I wasn’t counting on or even thinking I would get a lot of help, especially from people I don’t even personally know,” Anne said.

Not only did Anne receive donations from team members she’s never met, she was also greeted with kind words from dozens of Zirtual team members. GiveForward’s platform encourages donors to leave messages with every contribution. It even offers the option to send a hug!

“I want my grandmother to know how people have pulled for her, rooted for her. I want her to know that somehow in life the people you don’t expect to be there for you, maybe have always been there from the start. You just need the right time and place to figure this out. To the Zirtual community, I want to take this chance to extend my deep appreciation for all the help you’ve given me. I love you guys!!!”

We love you too, Anne, and we’re so glad we could help!  

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