Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Can Live The Life They Want

How Our Squad Of Zirtual Assistants Are Helping To Bring Back Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating into space. Well, actually no, we’re not. But it seems that some of us are getting a little less grounded.

I’m talking to you, entrepreneurs. Small business owners. The navigators of the next great businesses and corporations. It seems that a trend is taking place, and it has some worried. Prior to 2008, surveys told us more small business owners were doing what they’re doing for the lifestyle benefit and not the profits. Now, however, profit has toppled passion as the main motivation for new startups to, well, start up. The world has started to say some goodbyes to the lifestyle entrepreneur and welcomed in the cash-hungry ones.

I’m certainly not going to rail against making money. Turning some cash is definitely a reason to get your entrepreneurship on, and in many cases, it’s the money that ultimately leads to the lifestyle that small business owners can live. But that’s just it. Profits are secondary to lifestyle. Secondary to being your own boss. To taking days off when you want to take days off. Extensive travel. Calling the shots. All these things are invaluable – or at least used to be. Somehow, now, money has gotten to be the primary and more attractive path to ride a small business down.

Some in the start-up community are calling to bring lifestyle entrepreneurs back. Back before they die out and we’re left with Gordon Gecko’s roaming around. Well, okay, it’s not that bad. But it’s a point to be made anyway. When did we start valuing money over lifestyle? Well, the recession is certainly a factor. But, interestingly enough, the recession came at a time when it’s gotten easier to obtain the lifestyle you want through a startup (low cost, web-based solutions) than building a machine of enormous profitability. And yet our entrepreneurs want cash more than they want to be like Amir Wald, the guy in the picture above, who, as a lifestyle entrepreneur, does his work in the Laotian mountains.

That’s all fine and well, but it detracts from some amazing potential. One, for startups to provide low-cost social and humanistically-beneficial services instead of focusing on the bottom line. But it also allows for our heroes to be those living their ideal life rather than the high life.

It’s certainly a bigger discussion than I have time for. But what I really want to do is show you how Zirtual is helping to bring back that fading glory of the lifestyle entrepreneur.

It’s simple: Zirtual is a tool for the lifestyle entrepreneur. Can we help your bottom line? Hell yeah. I do work for quite a few clients that frees up their time to churn more profit. But really, our job is to make your life easier. To alleviate those things that are preventing you from living the life you want.

In reality, our set-up isn’t designed to make you money. If you want to use it that way, that’s fine. But where we thrive as assistants is providing you that lifestyle service. We shine in the intersection of business and personal time, that spot where “lifestyle” can get muddled up for entrepreneurs, small business owners and everyone alike. We work to clear traffic from either one of those avenues, allowing the intersection to function more smoothly.

How do we do this? For one, we’re lifestyle assistants. Our remote work allows us to live the life we want. I live by the beach, for example. By choice. Others are able to travel when they want to, take a day off with general ease and generally live a more relaxed life thanks to Zirtual’s system. We live how we want to live, and are Zirtual assistants on top of that.

So we know the environment we’re trying to help construct for our clients. That’s instrumental to our success as Zirtual assistants and the reason why our company is finding and helping new clients each day. (It’s also the reason why people – young and old alike – are applying to be ZAs).

And by knowing that environment you’re hoping to create, we serve as helpful hands down the road to a better life. By taking on your busy work, by taking on the “tasks you loathe” (part of one of our slogans) we help you be who you want to be.

And so I reiterate, Zirtual is a lifestyle tool and service. We’re here to help you get to where you want in life – wherever that may be. We’re supporting the resurrection of the lifestyle entrepreneur by being lifestyle liaisons ourselves, and helping you down the road, apparently, less traveled.

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