Zirtual founders

Erik & Collin, Zirtual co-founders, striking a pose on a recent out-of-the-office adventure.

It’s been one-year, almost to the date, since we incorporated Zirtual.

It seems like a lifetime ago but last January I was traveling between Reno, NV & Palo Alto on a weekly basis to go to Founder Institute classes for a business idea that would turn into what Zirtual is now.

Monday, the 30th (tomorrow, or today – depending on where in the world you’re sitting), we’re going to have our first official shindig to ring in Zirtual’s 1st birthday and the growth that has taken us from zero to over 7 people in our San Francisco offices and many more spread across the U.S.

I’ve learned a ton about myself as a person from the experience of building a startup from scratch, bootstrapping it and nearly failing more times than I’d like to remember. I’ve also learned a ton from the team we’ve built here at Zirtual and the process of going from one person, to many.

I could write an entire blog post on the lessons we’ve learned over the last year of bootstrapping a startup in San Francisco – and by golly, I did. You can read all about the last year of growing Zirtual from nothing to the amazing team we have now here.

And… if you’re in San Francisco tomorrow night be sure to stop by our Zirtual birthday party. You can get all the deets on our Facebook page.

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