lifestyle designVirtual assistants and lifestyle design, two terms that go together like peanut butter and jelly – yet so few people understand how to wonderful your world can be if you properly harness the power of delegation (through a VA) when designing your ultimate “life plan”.

The role of a quality virtual personal assistant plays in your life can go far beyond simple things like setting up blogs and prioritizing your email inbox. A virtual personal assistant can act as your personal concierge and handle a mountain of tasks so you’re time is freed up for other pursuits like growing your business or just enjoying life outside of work.

I started using virtual personal assistants when I was just 19 and building my first business in college. I realized early on that there were a small set of things I was very good at and a larger group of tasks that I either couldn’t stand doing or simply wasn’t equipped to handle. This could be  anything from editing a paper (I have dyslexia so proper grammar often eludes me) to planning a complex business trip and making sure everything went off without a hitch.

At first I used my virtual personal assistants for basic research and website maintenance, then as I began to develop a relationship with each (as you would with a normal personal assistant) I began allowing them to take over larger chunks of my business and free up time with personal tasks I hated to do.

My virtual personal assistant nowadays completes tasks like:

  • Sending me weekly reminders of my meetings for the coming 7 days, who they’re with and when they’re occurring.
  • She does research on the person I’m meeting with so I have a list of bullet points that gives me a birds eye view of who I’m dealing with.
  • She has a schedule of holidays and birthdays that I like to sending flowers to certain people on, then a week before those dates my assistant will coordinate with an online flower shop to make sure flowers are sent on time. She orders the flowers (using a credit card that I’ve have specifically for my VA’s) and lets me know when each order is placed and when each order arrives.
  • She does research for blog posts I’m about to write and does pre-interviews for my podcast.
  • She is currently searching for a condo for me in San Francisco (a notoriously fierce housing market). Every week I’ll receive a list of possible condos that meet my criteria and will choose a few I want to see, my assistant then coordinates between me and the rental agent to find a good time for both of us to meet.

This is just a small list of things my virtual assistant does for me during the week. Sometimes more technical things come up, like fixing a problem on my website or research how the new Facebook fan page updates are going to affect my social media presence. But often it’s the little things that my virtual assistant does for me that save me 20-40 hours a week of effort.

Harnessing the power of a virtual personal assistant to design your life the way you want it is something that once you do properly, you’ll never let go of. The freedom and productivity boost you’ll experience can get quite addictive but in the best way possible!

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