When making a list of tasks you could hire a virtual assistant for, most people go straight for the basics. I need someone to do research, help promote my blog, administrative tasks, and so forth. Then again, if we stretch our imaginations, there is literarily no limit as to what virtual assistants can do to make our lives easier–even when it comes to our love life.

Is it possible that while you’re doing synergy presentations at work, you can have virtual assistance shooting cupid arrows all over the Web? Is it possible for you to show up to a Coffee Bean on Saturday and have five dates lined up without ever having to log into eharmony.com? Seems crazy, right? Well, of all the crazy stunts that author Tim Ferris did to launch the 4 hour work week in 2009, none is more outside the box than what his fans call “Tim Ferris your love life,” aka outsource your dating life.

So how do you do it? Well, just like Ferris, you hand over your dating profiles to virtual assistants from all over the world. The key is to be specific! Yes, you do not want virtual assistants tainting your beautiful name all over the world wide web.  Setting a template is key, “this is the thing I want you to send, these are the girls or guys I want you to find, these are the attributes I like, and this is the calendar I want you to fill.” The more specifications and rules the less likely you are to get some crazy person showing up at Chili’s with a wild craigslist fetish.

Does it work? Well, for Tim, it did. To test his theory, Ferris had all his virtual assistants line up coffee dates on one day. Each team was assigned a dating profile and a bonus was given to the team that won the challenge. So I’m sure you’re guessing a couple of these girls showed up, right? Hardly. The virtual assistants were able to provide Ferris 20 coffee dates that were spread out over the course of an entire day. Oh, and I almost forgot, he got a long-term girlfriend out of it. Jackpot.

When thinking about things a virtual assistant can do in your life, it doesn’t hurt to be creative. Yes, they can make your professional life easier, but they can increase efficiency in other areas or your life as well.

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