28 HoursWho else dreams of having more time? 28 hours instead of 24? Raise your hand. Well it is possible to achieve flow in your work and still have time for a little fun and exploration. Here are 5 time hacks that will allow you to spend more time doing what you want and less time doing what you don’t.

Time Hack #1: Take a page from Ari Meisel’s playbook and throw your to-do list away. Yeap, that’s right. Go crazy! Draw lines all over it. Rip it up and slam-dunk that baby. Score! Now, scroll on over to your Google calendar and schedule everything you need to do. Yes, it’s that simple. Not really sure when you can schedule this task? Use your email to manage and schedule tasks for later with Boomerang for Gmail or Hassleme.co.uk. Adjust as needed and whoa-la, your to-do list is officially dead—useless I tell ya.

Time Hack #2: Automate your money like Ramit Sethi. Ramit reminds us that saving money and knowing where your money is going isn’t just about willpower. It’s making what you do with your money automatic so you don’t have to think about it. This, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, author says you should setup how much money goes where and when each month so you know all your bills are covered and you’ve got a little savings in the bank to play with. Want a more step-by-step how to on automating your bills? Check out Ramit’s video on this topic.

Time Hack #3: Stop trying to hold yourself accountable and get someone else to do it, like Leo Babauta. Yes, you can throw in the towel on aiming for perfection. Set clear goals and get someone to help you keep them instead. Babauta does warn that friends and family aren’t always the best at keeping you accountable. Instead, choose someone who is focused, supportive, and has similar goals. Then, get to work. Make your time work for you and stay committed to the process.

Time Hack #4: Get clear, then get consistent like Corbett Barr does. Barr says getting clear and repeating the same actions will get you closer to your time goals. He states, “Once you have a direction, it’s all about execution.” So stop being wishy-washy, stop saying ‘maybe if’ or ‘only when’. Instead, say ‘this is what I want’ and go for it. Corbett, who’s clearly done something right, in 18 months he started 2 blogs and earns 6 figures, confirms we need to act, not just plan or think about it.

Time Hack #5: Stop trying to manage your time. Make it your friend and create systems like Kelly Azevedo instead. That’s right, back to scheduling. However, Kelly shows you how to setup a reoccurring system for just about everything and helps you free time so you can work on the more important stuff. She explains that while a schedule is important, the foundation of having one that works comes from creating the right system to do it.

That’s it peeps. 5 ways you can hack time and go do more stuff you love. I know for sure that you have some resources and tools on hacking time. Help me rock this topic by sharing your tips in the comments!


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I’m Maya Gaddie and finding cool, trendy and highly applicable stuff is my superpower. I’m also a writer and consumer technology enthusiast. I help empower people to become knowledgeable, confident and organized using technology. You can read more about me here.

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