Most of the time when we think of a hero, we picture someone with a squeaky clean image and a good set of morals, who may or may not be rocking a cape. And then there’s Indiana Jones. Hero? Yes. Fitting stereotypes? Hell no! If you’ve seen any of his movies, you would know that Indiana was a grimy, unrefined, cocky risk taker. But guess what? At the end of the day, he got the job done. So entrepreneurs listen up, here are four reasons why you should be more like Indiana Jones.


1)   Being rational and logical is good, but sometimes you have to do something crazy.


On paper, Indian Jones appears to a very sensible guy, a professor with a passion for archeology. Yet, in every movie there came a time when Indiana would act entirely on instinct and without any regard for rational thought, which, on more than one occasion, didn’t work out for the best. As an entrepreneur, you should know that sometimes logic does not get the job done. In fact, sometimes it can keep you stuck. Just like Indiana, sometimes you have to stop thinking and just act, go on your gut and not what’s on paper. If you fail, you can grow and learn, but nothing happens if you stay put.


2)   Have a map, but don’t be afraid to change directions.


In every Indiana Jones movie, they were after something: an ark, a mystical stone, the Holy Grail, something.  And with each treasure, there was always some kind of map or guide they were following. Yet, no matter how many maps Indiana had, he still wound up somewhere completely unrelated to the final destination. Whether it was a detour to chase down a loose end or piece of the puzzle that was missing, the path to the treasure was never completely linear. In the game of entrepreneurship, there is no difference. Yes, you have a map, but don’t think that everything unrelated to the map isn’t worth your effort. Don’t be afraid to take the time to work on something that might not seem entirely relevant to the final goal. You never know what kind of breakthrough might lead you to your final destination.


3) Heroes get dirty.


One characteristic of Indiana Jones was that he was completely filthy after every movie. Not like a few scratches here or there, I mean sweat and dirt dripping off his forehead with more layers of dust than that CD rack in storage. In most movies, the dirtier he got, the better results he had. As an entrepreneur, taking risks and getting dirty sucks. No one wants to jump into the trenches and spend 14 hour days doing something that your college degree was supposed to prevent you from having to do. But let’s face it, sometimes in order to take your business to the next level, you have to do things that most people won’t.


4)   The treasure isn’t always what it seems.


A common theme at the end of most Indiana movies was the treasure never lived up to the hype. The Holy Grail never left the cave, the mystical stone was a big letdown, and honestly, I can’t even tell you what the treasure was in the last one. Whatever you’re searching for, funding, a buy out, 100,000 unique visitors, the hope and chase for something can be more exciting and invigorating than the event itself.  The thing is, the treasures in all the Indiana movies were always interchangeable, but Indiana’s love for what he did—archeology and treasure, is what got him through to the end.


If you aren’t getting the results you wanted, ask yourself what your motivation is. If  you’re not in the trenches doing whatever it takes to make your company successful, then maybe what you’re doing isn’t aligned with your passion.


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