executive assistant salariesExecutive Assistants are known as a sign of making it to the big leagues, they’re the person who takes care of all the big and small things in life that you just don’t have time for.

They’ll plan your vacation, deal with 3rd party service providers and make sure your laundry is picked up – all in a day’s work.

Though up until this point an EA has been precariously expensive, with standard executive assistant’s salaries ranging from $67,500* in San Francisco, to $52,000 on average across the nation.

What’s so great about an EA?

1. Scheduling

First off, a good executive assistant can juggle even the scariest schedule. Managing your busy calendar, setting up meetings and general organization of your day to day life is a large part of what a quality EA will do to lighten your load and increase productivity. One of our clients on Zirtual’s executive plan told me the other day “I used to spend 10 hours a week managing my own schedule, now that’s time I spend on my business – it’s amazing”.

If ALL your EA does is schedule meetings, follow up with colleagues and balance your calendar – you’ll be worlds ahead of the other people in your field.

2. Reservations

Having a good working relationship with your EA means a certain level of trust. At Zirtual we pride ourselves in our stringent privacy measures and our thorough screening process before bringing a new assistant on-board. You may want to have your EA fill out an NDA or entrust them with small responsibilities at first and then add on more sensitive tasks as they prove their merit.

But, once your EA gets to know you they can act as your second-self in a lot of situations and even preempt you when necessary. Recently an EA client was saved by his assistant when he just about forgot his 3rd year anniversary! His assistant has reminded him a month and then two weeks before the big day, per his request, he had said he’d think about what he’d like to do but then never gotten back to her.

Since our client has given his EA some access to his personal life she knew that his wife loved Italian and the area which they lived in. She made a reservation at a nice restaurant, found a local runner service that would deliver flowers and called a car service to price-check an evening of limo service would cost. Our client’s EA dropped him a note as a reminder a few days before the big day explaining what she had set up in case he needed it, luckily for him he had been out of town until the day before their anniversary.

In a panic our client called his assistant to tell her of his plight. She calming explained that she’d set everything up and upon his approval would use his credit card and book the car and order the flowers.

Marital disaster was avoided because of our super savvy EA’s killer assistant skills. Our client was incredibly happy and actually sent his assistant some flowers too, as a thank you for her forethought and the amazing evening that she had planned.

3. In-person tasks, research and business needs

Whether it’s getting keys delivered to your office, finding the measurements of the IKEA furniture you ordered or managing a large database project, an executive assistant is trained to take all of the burdensome, low-level or repetitive tasks off your plate and free up your time so you can focus on high-level productivity.

With Zirtual’s executive plan we offer credits towards in-person tasks in participating cities and can handle a variety of our client’s larger project needs through Zirtual Plus (our network of trusted partners).

The Affordable Alternative

So what to do if you crave the attention of an EA but don’t want the huge price tag that’s normally attached? Most of the time an 8 hour a day in-person EA isn’t needed and additionally, most tasks a standard executive assistant will handle in a day can be done completely virtually.

When we did the math we realized that a Zirtual Executive Assistant for one year costs only $5,964,  so conservatively a Zirtual EA is one tenth of what a normal executive assistant would cost.

executive assistant salaries

With Zirtual’s Executive Plan (which we just recently rolled out) you can get almost all of the benefits of an in-house EA (including in-person requests through Zirtual Plus) without the extreme price tag!

So if you’re interested in hiring an executive assistant for your busy self or to help organize your business – drop us a line at help@zirtual.com or give us a ring to talk about it. You can read more about what our executive plan offers here.


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